Adonis Golden Ratio Review – Is It Right For You?

Which one of these two guys below would you rather look like?


adonisIf you picked the guy on the left,  Click away. You’re not going to find what you’re looking for here.

You’re never going to get as big as that gorilla on the left without some serious pharmacological help anyway.

Research has shown that women are predisposed to be attracted to the physique of the guy on the right.  They can’t help it.  It’s hard-wired into their DNA.

So if that’s the look you want to develop, the Adonis Golden Ratio system might be the answer for you.  I’ll break down the pros and cons in a minute, but go ahead and click here if you’re in a hurry and want to check it out right away.

Adonis Workout Program Basics

The foundation of Brad Pilon and John Barban’s bodybuilding program is based upon research conducted by Australian and Canadian scientists.  The study showed a correlation between how women rated the attractiveness of men based on the ratio of their shoulder to waist measurements.

And it can work for anyone.  Your genetics or the current shape you’re in don’t matter.  The program(s) are tailored to help you reach your genetic potential regardless of where you’re starting from.  So whether you want to add muscle, lose fat, or both, there’s a workout plan that is just right for you.

So regardless of your current shape, you simply plug in your basic measurements into the calculator and you’re directed to the workout program that is right for you.Adonis_Index_Calculator

Brad and John combined their expertise and experience in human physiology, nutrition and supplementation to create a program specifically designed to design the ideal male physique.  Check out this video with John Barban and Kyle Leon discussing the idea behind it all. 

What Makes This Program So Different?

If you’ve been weight training for a while like I have, you’re going to have to let go of a lot of preconceived notions you have about workout design.  The AGR workouts are refreshingly different.

But I had to let go of some lifting “truths” that I had held sacred for a long time.  Even basic stuff like, “you have to lift heavy if you want to grow.”

Don’t get me wrong.  These aren’t your everyday fitness magazine workouts where you stand one-legged on a Bosu ball and do curls with 5-lb weights.  You will be challenged.  There are heavy days and/or heavy sets built within individual workouts.

Just be prepared for something different than you’re used to.  You have to have a little faith and stick to the program.

What About Results?  Does It Work?

There are tons of testimonials on the website and the before and after pictures of past transformation winners speak for themselves.  So, yeah, it works.  Check out the be
fore and after shots of John Barban below.250x250-AGR-246

Personally, my shoulder measurement increased from 49″ to 51.5 inches over the first 7 weeks on the program.

I also lost 3-1/2″ from my naval measurement over the same time period.  I can’t wait to see how far I can get by the end of my first, 12-week workout phase.

That’s a pretty big change in terms of how I look.  I’ve been training for over 20 years and I’ve never experienced these kind of results before.

The Downside

I’ll start with the down side because there’s not a lot to talk about there.  The biggest drawback for me was that the nutritional guidelines were kind of confusing.

It’s all there, mind you.  Once you’ve established your starting index using the calculator, you will have a customized daily calorie goal.  The types of food, combinations and nutritional values for everything are all laid out for you based on where you are starting from.

And you can (and should) adjust your intake levels as your body transforms and your index changes.

But for me, counting and tracking calories sucks.  Frankly, I don’t think it’s a sustainable strategy for most people.  The highly disciplined and highly motivated few will thrive on it. But most will struggle with it at best or abandon it altogether.

And as great as the workout designs are, nutrition is THE KEY to fitness success.  I prefer a much simpler approach than calorie counting.  Fortunately, there are a couple of alternatives I can suggest.

The first is Brad Pilon’s “Eat Stop Eat.”  eatstopeat2012

Brad is one of the creators of the Adonis Index.  The ebook is inexpensive and loaded with great nutritional information.  Even if the intermittent fasting approach doesn’t suit you, I’d recommend it as a valuable resource to raise your nutritional IQ.

My own preferred method of eating is the “Slow Carb” plan laid out by
Timothy Ferris in “The 4 Hour Body.”books

You can pick it up here on It’s super simple to follow and requires no calorie counting.  And the types of food are right in line with what the Adonis program suggests anyway.

You’ll also find a ton of other really interesting information in 4 Hour Body that can help you with your body transformation.

Why The Workouts Are So Awesome

For starters, there are several different workouts based on your initial AI.  One targets weight loss, another targets muscle gain and still another targets a combination of weight loss and adding muscle.

You’re looking for muscle confusion workouts?  Try Fibonacci pyramids, progressive supersets, timed sets, conditioning circuits, and I can keep going.  There is so much variety that I guarantee you’ll never get bored.

Each “workout” gives you 12 weeks worth of training.  Typically, there are four different workouts each week.  The exercises, target reps, rest periods – it’s all included.  Think about that.  You’ll know exactly what you’re going to do in every workout covering a 3-month period.  And when you’re done, move on to another workout based on your AI at that point.

You can download the workouts to your phone so you have them with you at the gym.  This is huge for me.  I love knowing exactly what I’m going to do each day in the gym. 3 months worth of exercises, reps and rest periods – all laid out for you.

There are videos on the site for every exercise, so if you ever have a question about proper form, just pull it up and it’s right there.  It’s like having a personal trainer in your phone.

What About Immersion?

There’s an opportunity with AGR to join what they refer to as “Immersion.”  It’s an optional add-on to the program that you can trial for 60 days.  It’s something that I highly recommend.2013-10-13_0018

Frankly, if you’re not ready to “immerse” yourself in a fitness lifestyle, you’re probably not going to achieve lasting results anyway.

But it goes way beyond that.  There is so much information in the podcasts and the coaching calls that you will quickly become more knowledgeable about exercise and nutrition than most trainers.  And if you love variety like I do, Immersion includes a new workout every month.  There’s no way your workouts will ever become stale.

It’s no secret that the people who become the most involved with the AGR program and community are the ones who experience the most impressive transformations.

And of course, Adonis Golden Ratio comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.  If you want to take your training and fitness to a new level, It’s definitely worth going for it.